And so the journey begins…

I’m writing this post having checked in my bag and passed through security. I can now take a deep breath and enjoy some Tim Horton’s while I wait for my flight to Newark (flight #1 of 3 in the next 30 hours).

For several weeks, I’ve been simultaneously excited and nervous about this trip. My friends and family can definitely make the case that I’ve been a massive bundle of nerves for the past days. Until about Wednesday this last week, this trip has always felt like it was something in the distant future. And now…well we’re here. Today is the day!

This time tomorrow, I will hopefully be resting in my hotel room in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. This trip is no longer something that will happen eventually. My to-do lists, my packing lists, my research, my planning are now in the past. I’m about to embark on a journey that I have been imagining (and over-thinking) for months.

While there’s still plenty of travel and lots of unknowns, there’s one thing I know for sure: I can’t wait.