Lake Malawi, you were great this week-end!

Being the third biggest and second deepest in Africa, Lake Malawi was absolutely breathtaking. The volunteers and I headed to Cape Maclear (4 hours drive from Lilongwe) for the long week-end and stayed in a lodge by the lake. The view was beautiful and waking up to this clear blue water over the week-end was relaxing and well deserved after one week in Lilongwe. Because of the holiday, we met a lot of children from the nearest village while we were walking through the market village.

Interesting facts, Lake Malawi is also known as Lake Nyasa (in Tanzania) and Lago Niassa (Mozambique). As you probably deducted, the lake is surrounded by these 3 countries: Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique. The portion in Malawi is part of Lake Malawi National Park which has tons of activities available: swimming, boat tours, feeding eagle, snorkeling, hiking and probably more. We had the chance to snorkel and swim with cichlids in Lake Malawi. Even without jumping in the water, we were able to see the cichlids from the boat:

Before hitting the shore, we wait on the boat to watch the sunset. Notice that in the same picture, we have rain, sunset, and flying birds. The wildness and beauty of the place cannot be described in words and I’m really glad to have come to Malawi to witness this.

We had to end the adventure on Monday. Before returning to Lilongwe, we made a stop in Monkey Bay where the view was brought up to another level. I can’t say enough how amazing this place is.

We were lucky during the week-end to escape the rain as we could see rain on the other side of shore. On our way back to the capital, the weather changed drastically with heavy rain. Back to the reality in Lilongwe. I must say that now I’m feeling rested and ready to attack the week with volunteer works at COWLHA’s.