Day 2: Still in orientation mode! This time, I learned more about my mandate as a Leadership and Management Advisor, – as well as the partners I’ll be collaborating with (more to come on Day 4!) After a welcome lunch that gathered all the CECI office staff and some of the Uniterra volunteers, it was time to go to the health clinic to make sure we are going to stay healthy (I’m here for 3 weeks- no time to be sick!). I learned quickly that I have to wash my hands 1000 times a day!

Fun fact: the doctor also strongly recommended that we avoid sitting on the top of a public bus, because it isn’t safe. Again, never thought about that and I thought it would be great to share this lesson learned, just in case!

After the visit to the health clinic, I went to discover Thamen – now I understand  the reason why we need masks in Nepal!

I loveeeeeeeee this kind of place: overcrowded, a lot of teeny-tiny shops selling a lot of different and colorful items, Nepali flag everywhere…this is probably not where I’ll be going to negotiate for a lovely pashmina while drinking masala tea, but the ambiance is quite interesting! #discoveringnepal