Orientation day: a couple of different meetings were organised to set us up (I’m still with the same volunteer with whom I arrived), understanding the logistics around our mandate (more details about my mandate to come!), as well as Nepal’s context and culture. The earthquake of 2015 is inevitably part of the conversation, not only to provide us information about the impact on different economies and on Nepalese communities, but also to let us know about the day-to-day aspect of it (like the earthquake alarm and the blue barrel outside that contains an emergency kit). I also learned to not run in a stairwell during an earthquake… I never really thought about that before, so I thought it could be worth sharing this lesson learned! 🙂


Day 1 was also the day I tasted my first Momo (chicken momo!), which is a kind of steamed dumpling; absolutely delicious and sooo cheap.