comadresOnce a year, all (or at least most) women in Bolivia get together to celebrate real friendship. The idea is to give your best girlfriend a present, a canasta (basket) full of fruits, alcohol, bread… thanking her for her support, patience, craziness, and whatever is it that makes her your best friend.

To do so, you and your gals dress up in the same costume (Halloween-like) and attend an event that starts early in the afternoon. The party is only for women, and girls get to dance, drink and celebrate a day without men. That includes all types of contests, music and in some places women get to see sexy men dancing.

By 9:00 p.m. the party finishes and most of girls meet their guy friends and significant others to continue the party elsewhere. All men in Bolivia know that´s the day women get to celebrate women.

Last week, I was invited by my very best Bolivian friend to celebrate the special day with her. We improvised a pirate custom and got together with her gals at about 12:00 p.m. In total we were about 15 pirates having the time of our lives.

In Canada, I have had the opportunity to have a girl´s night out and in Colombia, I have celebrated the day of love and friendship, which occurs in September. But only until I was in Bolivia, was I able to appreciate an entire country celebrating women and loyal relationships.

I want to believe, I will continue celebrating February 4, as Comadres´day (real girlfriends day) for the rest of my life, no matter the country I am in. See, that´s the thing about traveling and learning about cultures. You get to choose your holidays and teach others such simple things such as celebrating the people who are around you, always.

Guys, do not worry, Bolivia also celebrates Compadres (Real guy friends ‘day) a week before. I heard boys don´t party as much, and are unlikely to dress up, but they do their thing, whatever that is.

The celebration kicks off carnivals, an opportunity for humanity to learn about folklore.

That is all for now, stay tuned to learn about my adventures as a volunteer.