• Clare Williamson

    Clare Williamson

    I’m a fourth year International Development student at the University of Waterloo working at a marine conservation organization in Vietnam!

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  • Angele Farn

    Angele Farn

    Hi! My name is Angele Farn. I'm a University of Waterloo student currently volunteering as a Program Support Officer for WUSC Malawi.

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  • Cherie Wai

    Cherie Wai

    International Development student on her dream placement in Bolivia. Follow me behind the scenes of Fair Trade clothing and handicraft production.

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  • Lauren Preiditsch

    Lauren Preiditsch

    Namaste! I am a student from the University of Waterloo working with the National Federation of Youth NGOs Nepal.

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  • Mabel Truong

    Mabel Truong

    An international development student’s journey to Vietnam to find her place in the developing world.

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  • Siobhan Pickering

    Siobhan Pickering

    I’m one step closer to being a citizen of the world, life is the experience needed

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  • Jessica Chan

    Jessica Chan

    An inquisitive girl spending her fourth-year of university with TCCIA Arusha, and looking for stories in Tanzania

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  • Danielle Hak

    Danielle Hak

    I am an international development student with a passion for youth empowerment, environmental justice, women’s rights and social entrepreneurship

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