I take a step, I listen, I see, I touch, I smell, and I taste, it’s all very new. The sky is blue, the heat is suffocating, the water is contaminated, and the the roads are dusty, yet it is all so beautiful.

The beauty comes from the atmosphere, the simplicity, the kind, kind folks and the amazing views — mountains everywhere and beach site from every direction!
—Welcome to Da Nang, Vietnam.

My first week here in Da Nang, had been amazing. I met lovely people, enjoyed the hot day by the beach, and enjoyed the night with sparkling lights all over the city. Every day was a new adventure, I ate all three meals at different restaurants. I searched for apartments all over town, and I managed to find the energy to enjoy a night out with the WUSC crew!

By my second week in Da Nang, I was all settled in. I moved during the weekend and finally started my first day at work with DNES Business Incubator. The culture here is very cheerful and very westernized. I had been amazed at how fast paced people were, and how active everyone was — but that could be due to nap time. Yes, nap time, unbelievable, right? People of Vietnam enjoy their meal, their family time and their “me” time. Lunch breaks are always two hours long. The first hour is well spent eating, while the second hour is well spent napping. They will either go home to their family for lunch or stay in the office and enjoy the big, comfy beanbag for relaxation. I also took a spontaneous trip to Hoi An later that week. Lanterns were lighted up literally everywhere; the river, the markets, and the bridges. It was a magical small town.

Currently enjoying my third week in Da Nang, I started my week off great, I spent the weekend in Ninh Binh and I cannot stop admiring the little town. Everywhere we walked there were birds, ducks, chickens, dogs, bulls, horses, and goats! The animals are brave and walked the streets as if it were their own. Only 13 hours away and I felt like I was in an entirely different country. The culture was different; people were more conservative, homes were moderate, the lifestyle was less than average. People grew plants and had their own farms for food supplies. It was heart warming to see how happy people were with the little they have. Children running through rice fields and adults enjoying social gatherings over drinks and karaoke —live on the streets! Bringing me to the end of the week as of now. I am ready for my upcoming journey.

…Until next week!